Aurora Mini Flopsie 8" Deer

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The latest addition to our beloved Mini Flopsie family is the Aurora Mini Flopsie 8" Deer! Measuring at a whopping 8 inches from top to bottom, this little cutie is the perfect size to cuddle and play with. But don't let its small stature fool you, this Mini Flopsie is packed with love and quality that will last a lifetime.

Crafted from the finest, high-quality materials, this 8" Deer is designed to withstand even the wildest of adventures with your little ones. Its soft and plush fur will bring endless comfort and joy to anyone lucky enough to hold it. And with its unique floppy pose, it takes on the shape of the real thing, making it not just a toy, but a truly endearing animal companion.

But what sets our Mini Flopsie 8" Deer apart from the rest is its bean pellet filling. Not only does this give the plush a lifelike weight and feel, but it also ensures stability and quality. Suitable for all ages, you can rest assured that this Mini Flopsie is safe and ready to join your family with open arms.