Aurora Mini Flopsie 8" Plains Buffalo

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The Aurora Mini Flopsie 8" Plains Buffalo is the perfect companion for your little one's adventures! Standing at just 8 inches from top to bottom, this adorable plush is the perfect size for little hands to cuddle with and take on all of their imaginative journeys.

What makes this Mini Flopsie different from your average stuffed animal? Its unique floppy pose, of course! Perfectly embodying the carefree and curious spirit of a buffalo, this plush is always ready to play and explore with your child. Its soft and fluffy fur will keep them coming back for hugs and snuggles, while its friendly expression is sure to melt hearts.

But don't let its cuteness fool you - this Buffalo is also sturdy and reliable. To ensure stability and quality, it contains bean pellets that make it suitable for children of all ages. So whether your child is just learning to walk or is a seasoned adventurer, this Mini Flopsie will be their loyal and trusted companion.