Form Insoles Medium Support Orthotic Insoles

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Form Insoles Medium Support Orthotic Insoles provide superior cushioning and support that is specifically designed to fit any shoe or boot. Made with odor and moisture-control properties, this medium durometer insole provides 1.6-milimeters of thermo-moldable material that can be molded and remolded up to 5 times! Not only are Form Insoles heat moldable, but they also feature arch support for all day comfort and relief from foot fatigue. Perfect for those who need extra cushioning and arch support while spending long hours standing on their feet or engaging in physical activity, Form Insoles' low-profile footprint is ideal for those looking to reduce the bulk of their insoles without sacrificing quality! With Form Insoles Medium Support Orthotic insoles you are able to customize your level of cushioning and support so you can get the most out of your activities - whether it be working long shifts on your feet or playing sports at a professional or recreational level.