WatchFire Straight 10.5" Boot Knife w Gut Hook

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WatchFire Straight 10.5" Boot Knife w Gut Hook

A true outdoorsman knows that the one item he does not want to find himself without is a versatile blade. One will face many obstacles and tasks in the wild, and the 10.5 Inch Gut Hook can be that weapon you have been searching for. Perfect for survival, the 10.5 Inch Gut Hook has all of the essential tools to prepare a meal for cooking in the wilderness. The stainless steel blade is perfect for skinning or slicing, and the gut hook is perfect for turning the innards of your prey into outards. The back of the blade features wide serrations for sawing action, and the blackened finish over the entire blade creates a tactical look. Lightly contoured and textured, the handle provides a slip-proof grip. The 10.5 Inch Gut Hook also comes with a nylon sheath that is perfect for safe storage and carry. Be sure to grab your very own 10.5 Inch Gut Hook knife today so you are fully prepared for your next adventure.