I Am With You Twisted Dog Tag

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  • 99.9% fine silver finish over a brass base
  • Rhodium over a brass base.
  • Montana Armor to help prevent tarnish
  • 18.5 inch chain

This Warrior Collections logo represents God, the beginning (backward B), and end (forward-facing against the B). This life, this mission, is represented by the cross in the middle connecting the B and E. It is a reminder that no one, even the most perfect among us, no one gets out of this life without great suffering. A portion of the sales goes to the Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation.

On the opposite twisted side of the bar from the logo is the phrase "I Am With You." The inspiration for the collection stems from the fervent desire to lift up on another in faith. Wear the Warrior Collection as a symbol, a reminder of who you are, and what battle you fight. Yours is a spiritual battle, just like ours. Stand strong friends.