Bex Wesley XL Aviator Sunglasses

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Brand: BEX

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Bex Wesley XL Size Aviator Sunglasses


  • Len's Color: Grey 
  • Front Frame: Lightweight full-metal frame
  • Nosebridge/Top Bar: Lightweight metal custom top bar with a laser etching placed at the top.
  • Temple Construction:
  • Temple Construction: 3 barrel stainless steel hinge.
  • Lens's Protection: BEX NYPO Polarized, UVA, UVB, UVC and Blue Light protection. Oleophobc (oil protection), hydrophobic (water protection), anti-scratch, hard coating (minimize minor scratching), and anti-relction (back side) coatings. 
  • Size: Lens height 60mm, lens width 50mm, nose bridge width 15mm, temple from hinge to tip 140mm.