Pedag Viva High Instep Orthotic Comfort Support Insoles

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Pedag Viva High Instep Orthotic Comfort Support Insoles

Life is busy, and aches and pains in the feet and back can prevent you from doing all of the things you need to do. Having high arches can lead to discomfort in the feet that varies from irritating to downright painful. How do you prevent high arches from slowing you down?

Pedag USA';s VIVA High Insole is the best High Arch Support Insole on the market. At pedag, we are experts in issues relating to the feet and have designed the VIVA High especially for people like you, who are tired of dealing with the pain that comes along with high arches. Suitable for men and women, this semi-rigid orthotic insole, made with natural materials, is the answer you';ve been searching for.

How it works.

Handmade in Germany, the pedag VIVA High features extra-high longitudinal arch support. This helps to keep your foot in the right position. When you';re suffering from high arches, you tend to put weight on your heel and toe, leading to overexertion and aching. The VIVA High will keep you evenly balanced, reducing pain within the arches and the back.

People with high arches in their feet often complain of pain within the heels. The VIVA High comes with a heel cushion to support shock that comes with that additional pressure. The metatarsal pad provides additional support while preventing splayfoot. These vegetable-tanned leather insoles are breathable and feature carbon odour control, meaning you can comfortably wear them all day long, in any shoe, any time of year. All pedag products use water-based adhesives and don';t use solvents.

Reduce pressure on your aches and step into a relaxed, pain-free life with the pedag VIVA High. Purchase your pair today.