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Pedag Nano Water-Guard 250ml Protecting Spray.

Pedag Nano Water-Guard 250ml Protecting Spray. 

Intense Protection for Leather and all Materials Against Water, Dirt & Stains.

  • Works Great on Caps to Help Prevent Sweat Rings.
  • Does Not Darken Leather.
  • This also works on, Cotton, Nylon, or Felt Western Hats!!
  • Vendor Style: 833

Pedag® Waterproofer aerosol spray provides effective protection from moisture, dirt, mud and stains for any materials: leather, textile, suede, nubuck, synthetics and materials with TEX climate membrane. This waterproofer aerosol spray is made in Germany using Green Technology and is PFOS/PFOA free. After application materials remain breathable. Apply three times for the new untreated before surface. 

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