Pedag Viva Cadillac of Pain Relief and Comfort Orthotics

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Walking becomes a pleasure with Viva!

Your feet deserve to be taken care of, no matter what shoes you&rsquore wearing or what specific issues you face. The pedag VIVA, our signature orthotic insole, was designed to provide a &ldquouniversal&rdquo footbed for all shoes and boots. This premium insole, handmade in Germany, will keep you on your feet no matter the situation - you won&rsquot know how you managed before you experienced the VIVA!

This premium vegetable-tanned leather orthotic fully supports the feet, helping to soothe any arch pain or back pain you may be experiencing. Metatarsal support helps to prevent splayfoot and pressure on the nerves of the feet. The breathable climate created by the pedag VIVA is also excellent for preventing instances of athlete&rsquos foot.

How it works.

The pedag VIVA supports the entire foot with a semi-rigid longitudinal arch and plantar vault, helping to evenly distribute the pressure on your feet. The built-in orthopedic metatarsal pad helps to rest your longitudinal arch, while the cushioning of the heel helps to absorb shock. The carbon odor control and natural materials help to create a healthy climate in the shoe and reduce any scent. No solvents are used in the pedag VIVA, and we use only water-based adhesives.

It&rsquos time to upgrade your insole this insole is the best choice for men and women alike. Try the pedag VIVA for yourself today.