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Pedag Correct Plus for Full Foot Roll Problems

Product Code:129347
Dept:All Boots & Footwear >>
Type:Boot Care & Accessories >>
Sub Type:Boot Aids >>




Gently correct the flex and roll action in the forefoot and heel
Compensates for the tendency to supinate (bow legs)
Efficient correction of the flexing action during walking: A heel wedge adjusts the heel motion and a forefoot wedge controls flexing in the forefoot
Compensates for heels worn down on the outside
Vegetable-tanned leather and latex
Skin tested latex

  • Women Medium 4 - 7,
  • Men Large 8 - 10
  • Men XLarge 11-15

pedag® CORRECT PLUS helps correct over-supination of the foot. Natural, vegetable tanned leather and comfortable latex rubber helps return foot to correct alignment, prevents shoes heel wear on the outer side. Helps prevent many biomechanically caused foot and body problem. Hand made in Germany from natural materials.

NIM Approved Vendor Style: PED-129347

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