Muck Arctic Sport Black Soft-Toe ASP-000A Work Boot

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The Arctic Sport„ is the ideal snow boot. Let's face it, snow doesn't always stay frozen, so you need waterproof, insulated winter boots.

  • Unlike traditional pac boots, the Arctic Sport„ features full-bootie neoprene construction that's 100% waterproof. Plus it has a premium fleece plus breathable Airmesh„ lining throughout - and a supportive, contoured footbed. Full-perimeter rubber reinforcements offer added protection for a variety of climates, water and snow conditions. Preferred for Arctic expeditions, snowmobiling, ice fishing, sleigh riding and other winter activities.

  • Muck Boots Arctic Sport„ boots are perfect for Antarctic / Arctic cruises and adventures. First they are extraordinarily lightweight, only 2 to 2.5 lbs per boot. This is half the weight of comparable boots and is not only comfortable while walking but they help you stay below total gear weight limits. And they are 100% waterproof to the top, perfect for wet Zodiac landings and walking in freezing, slushy water. The upper part stretches so that pant legs can be tucked in or out.

  • The Muck Boot Company„ has perfected the integration of waterproof materials, including vulcanized rubber and its unique CR-Flex Foam into a line of boots that are warm, dry and comfortable.
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