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Cowboy Up Heritage Attitude Belt Buckle

Product Code:A713C
Dept:Men's Apparel >>
Type:Men's Western Jewelry >>
Sub Type:Value Belt Buckles >>




Cowboy Up Heritage Attitude Belt Buckle

PRODUCT OVERVIEW What does a cowboy do when he gets knocked down? He brushes off the dirt and tries again. This heritage brass finished scalloped Attitude buckle gives us words to live by - "Cowboy Up" - set sideways on one of the outside stripes of a downward pointing flag with a buffalo skull set over part of the flag with dark stars imprinted over the upper half of the skull. Rope and pin point design alternate on the curved edges of the buckle. Standard 1.5 inch belt swivel.


  • Width: 3.88"
  • Height: 2.88"
  • Length: 0.7"

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