Where western isn't a Style it is a Lifestyle.
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Western Cowboy Hats

     The term Western is defined as "a film, television drama, or novel about cowboys in western North America, esp. in the late 19th and early 20th centuries." However, we know it is something more, it is a Cowboy's lifestyle. What makes up this Western Cowboy's Dress Code?...without a doubt a Cowboy Hat is required.

     J. B. Stetson is credited for creating the actual Cowboy style Hat. Prior to Stetsons creation cowboy and outlaws like Billy the Kid used to wear hand me down top hats, war hats, and whatever they could find. The purpose of the Western hat is to protect the cowboy|cowgirl from the elements and keep his|her warm. However, because beaver fur is water repellent the Cowboy hat was handy for hauling water from a stream to a camp site, therefore the crown of the hats were made quite large to haul more water.

     Since Stetson debuted his hats there have been many hat makers to follow, like Resistol and Baileys. When shopping for the right Cowboy hat there are many things to consider, Felt or Straw hat, color, crown height, brim width and the shape of the crown. We have the ability to custom shape hats and we do it free for our customers. If you find a hat that suits you and would like it re-shaped please make a note in the note section of your order; we would be happy to shape it before we ship it. Also, if you would like to send a picture of a hat you would like it shaped similar to please send it to us us at renegade_staff@hotmail.com.

     Lets not forget the all important summer straw hat. We have many styles, colors and patterns to choose from. Renegade also carries Atwood Palm Leaf hats in many style and colors. So when it is time to shop for your new hat choose RenegadeStores.com